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Tippmann 98 Custom Mods

Is your gun scratched or the paint coming off? Or just wanna paint it pweety?

Painting is a breeze. My tippy is not in need of painting but it will be in a while.
If you still need help here is a easy guide that is sure to work:
One of the most essential things you need to do in order to get even color over the whole part is to be sure that the part is absolutely clean. You want it free of all contaminates, from dirt to the oils in your skin.
Okay now your on your way.
1. Disassemble your gun. Take out all the internals.
2. Use masking tape to mask off every possible place you dont want paint to get on.
3.Lightly sand off the black anadoizng . You dont have to remove it all, could use it as your primer coat. Or better than that would be to put a primer coat on it :D
4.Position the halves.
5.DOUBLE CHECK EVERYTHING is masked and your all go, and in a ventilated area.
6.Paint away! spray even coats.
7.Make sure to let the paint dry then apply a 2nd coat, and 3rd after the 2nd coat dries.. if you feel you need it. 
Thats it, you have a nice looking tippy